[Samba] password-problem

hans schneidhofer hs.priv at aon.at
Mon Jul 1 02:26:02 GMT 2002

have done a new setup on samba 2.2.5. First tried out a setup without a 
passwd, and a very basic smb.conf. All looks good.

then I tried out the passwd - using the entries as follows :

; /etc/samba/smb.conf 
config file = /etc/samba/smb.conf.%m         
workgroup = musik         
security = user         
encrypt passwords = yes         
server string = Hans-Samba (%v,%h)  

path = /windows/lady         
guest ok = yes         
guest only = yes         
read only = no

but now get a message : wrong password

this message I get with MS-Login as well as 
smbclient -L localhost -U lady

typing in the password "test" - I get :" wrong password.

is anything wrong with the above smb.conf ?
thanks for your helps and ideas
bye hans

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