Error writing 4 bytes solution - FAQ issue

Martin Devera devik at
Thu Jan 17 04:12:04 GMT 2002


I've experienced problem with samba 2.2.x. The server refuses
clients and logs:
 write_socket: Error writing 4 bytes to socket 6: ERRNO = Broken pipe

After searching archives I found that it is often mentioned problem
and usual reply is: make your network faster / performance-tune your
It seemed weird to me as I don't expect samba to be so poor baby. And
I've seen the same problem at three sites where it worked before.

I found very simple cure. Install named at local server/network and
estabilish reverse mapping ( for IPs in your local net.

It seems that samba resolves client's address into name and when it
take too long Windows disconnects meanwhile.
My problems were caused by using samba on private ip range and problems
started when ISP's nameserver stopped to reverse-resolve there IPs. At
all my three problematic sites named cured the problem.
I used reverse maping which has no PTRs for private range so that named
replies NXDOMAIN - but it is enough: it replies fast.

I didn't found this info in manuals and I think that is should be
mentioned in FAQ. It could help mane confused users.

Thanks for Samba being here. Keep good work.
Martin Devera aka devik

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