[Samba] RE: Head Domain Admins Group

David Edward Shapiro David.Edward.Shapiro at btitele.com
Thu Feb 28 12:22:37 GMT 2002

In the docs/textdoc directory their is a GROUP*.txt.

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Subject: Head Domain Admins Group

Is there more documentation for smbgroupedit than the manpage ?

I'm trying to get the domain admins group to work. Steps i taken so far

1. create a unix group domadm
2. add my admin users to the domadm group
3. map the Domain Admins Group to the domadm group
4. make the domain admins group a domain group (smbgroupedit reported it as 

5. remove all domain users and groups from the admin group on the W2K box

6. Added the Domain Admins group. Then i add it it appears like a group but 
afterwards i only get the sid number.

7. Log out of W2K box

8. Log in with one of the users from point 2.

9. Unfortnally the user is not admin on the W2K box. Ofcource the box is a 
member of the domain

Can anyone guide me in the right direction ?


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