[Samba] challenge/response password authentication failed

Luc Van Hoeylandt LVHoeylandt at cereus.be
Thu Feb 28 05:49:25 GMT 2002

> Luc Van Hoeylandt wrote:
> >
> > hi,
> >
> > I'm having troubles joining a win2k domain with samba 2.2.3a. As you can
> > see below I always get a 'challenge/response password authentication
> > when trying to authenticate(. I searched the mailinglist but can't find
> > solution.
> > After 3 days of searching i'm still stuck :( I'd appreciate any pointers
> > could give me.
> As long as the 'plaintext' version works, its fine.  Samba 2.2 has this
> feature disabled for security reasons.

Then i'm affraid something else is wrong :-(  I'm unable to connect to my
shares (I am using a smb.conf that used to work on another machine)
I always seem to get NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD

smbclient //linux/webroot -U CEREUSBE+LVHoeylandt%LVHoeylandt
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Domain=[CEREUSBE] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 2.2.3a]
tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD

wbinfo -a CEREUSBE+LVHoeylandt%LVHoeylandt
plaintext password authentication succeeded
challenge/response password authentication failed
Could not authenticate user CEREUSBE+LVHoeylandt%LVHoeylandt with

BTW is it possible that 2.2.2 did have the challenge/response authentication
enabled ?
If i remember correctly wbinfo didn't fail with that version.

tnx a lot


smb.conf below

# Global parameters
        workgroup = CEREUSBE
        security = domain
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        password server = NT2000.cereus.be
        keepalive = 30
        os level = 33
        local master = No
        domain master = False
        winbind uid = 10000-20000
        winbind gid = 10000-20000
        template shell = /bin/bash
        winbind separator = +
        #map to guest = Bad User

        comment = test share
        path = /home/samba
        valid users = CEREUSBE+LVHoeylandt CEREUSBE+JVDBroeck
        read only = No

        comment = Oracle webroot
        path = /opt/oracle/product/901/Apache/Apache/htdocs
        valid users = @CEREUSBE+Developers
        force user = oracle
        read only = No
        preserve case = no

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