[Samba] Samba on FreeBSD 4.5-Stable

Frank Fürst ffrank at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Thu Feb 28 03:52:08 GMT 2002

Martin Schweizer <info at pc-service.ch> schrieb:

> >Why you want to enable plaintext password ? Samba works fine with
> >encrypted too..
> ... I didn't find out how it works? Do you have a hint? Thank you in advance.

When the passwords are sent encrypted, you can no longer use the unix
password database (i.e. /etc/passwd usually). (And maybe even this is
wrong if you configure pam correctly, don't know). 

You need to create an entry for every Samba-User in smbpasswd
(/etc/samba/smbpasswd at my server) using /usr/bin/smbpasswd either as
root or the respective user. Then "encrypt passwords = yes" in smb.conf,
and all should work.

I never used security=share, however.

HTH, Frank
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