[Samba] Re: SMB-server from Win2k -> RH 7.2 - Samba 2.2.1a seen in Network Neighbourhood but

Diembo Linux at deschuen.de
Thu Feb 28 03:15:04 GMT 2002

I have written myself a little shell-script for doing this and placed the 
smb start
at the end of the file /etc/profile to start the deamon automatically. The 
script is attached. I recommend buying the book "mastering unix" as I said 
before. You can learn to program the shell easily. No worries, it will not be 
hard. Learning goes much faster when you have a book with a straight line 
such as this one. Look at the source to get an idea ;-).
The script should exist somewhere else but I was too lazy to search it on the 
web, so I remaid it for practicing my skills. I know this is probably not the 
best thing to do, because the scripts on the web are mostly already debugged 
and mine is not. But I think it should work fine and it's rather short, so 
not many error-sources (I hope).


PS: Have a look at every script someone sends you. Be aware that there are 
not only friendly people out there ;-).

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002 08:45, you wrote:
> Diembo wrote:
> > Yes, I have solved my general problems as follows:
> > First of all you have to check your firewall settings, because that was
> > the major problem on my system. On RH 7.2 the netfilter is quite tricky.
> > The easiest way I figured out is to read the manpage of ipchains and
> > editing the file /etc/sysconfig/ipchains because there are the
> > standard-settings for your
> Hi Diembo,
> sorry for late reply. Problem was exactly as You wrote - allowing
> smb ports in ipchains.
> > Also, before you do this all, I recommend installing the new version
> > 2.2.3a
> I did, but now smbd and nmbd doesn't start automaticaly after reboot.
> But when I start them from command-line they run OK. I will have to
> read documentation again...
> Thank You very much for help!

Diembo working @ Linux :-P
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