[Samba] IP Binding

Paul Harlow PHarlow at skld.com
Wed Feb 27 15:39:51 GMT 2002

Would it matter that I already registered the second IP address in our DNS
server as SERVERNAME2? That and I did edit the hosts file on the client in
question so that there wasn't any question on the issue.
I think it's a configuration issue on this server that I will get to test in
an hour.
Thanks for the input!

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This is a name resolution issue. I'm not sure if samba only registers
the first interface or the client only uses the first one it sees on
the subnet it wants. You can test this out by adding the server name
to a client lmhosts file with the second interface IP address and that
client should then use the second interface (after the obligatory
reboot of the client that is).

Paul Harlow wrote:
> is the server's eth0 address. is the server's eth1
> address.
> I've inherited this server and this is the way it was originally set up
> the .1/24 address in that 'interfaces' string. I simply added the .2/24 to
> that thinking that I could get it to use .2 to serve up the Samba shares
> well but it doesn't respond to a second address in that field.
> ie- last night I changed the smb.conf from this:
> interfaces =
> To this:
> interfaces =
> And it would only respond to the .1 address.
> When I reversed the order:
> interfaces =
> It would only respond to requests made to the .2 address.
> Ultimately I would like it to respond to both addresses.
> Does that help?
> Paul

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