[Samba] Samba 3.0 file names ?

Sönke Ebert soenke.ebert at freenet.de
Wed Feb 27 14:51:46 GMT 2002

My users' profiles have been stored in /usr/local/profiles. Since I have
the german version of Windows 2000, some characters in the file names can't be read again by the
clients while logging on. (i.e.Startmenü).

The 'valid chars' ,'client codepage' and 'character set' doesn't work anymore (testparm: unnkown parameter)
And what about this error messages concerning the upcase.dat, lowcase.dat
and valid.dat given by testparm ? I searched for it and I found a japanese
valid.dat by tridge (+ the two other files). After downloading and coying
them to /usr/local/etc the errors were gone.
Are they language specific ?

Soenke (Sönke)

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