[Samba] Giving up on authentication to trusted domain

Carl Benson cbenson at fhcrc.org
Wed Feb 27 10:35:52 GMT 2002

I've pretty much decided that this doesn't work, but I'd like to
take this last opportunity to find out if ANYONE has a working
configuration like mine:

Samba server: v2.2.3a running on a RedHat Linux 7.2 system, plus
Winbind. The Samba server is in the PHS-SC domain, and can be
browsed from "My Network Places".

User "cbenson" has an NT account in the FHCRC domain and a Linux
account on the Samba server. User cbenson is logged in at a W2k
Pro system, authenticated into the FHCRC domain, and is able to
mount shares from NT servers belonging to the PHS-SC domain
without providing a user ID and password.

User cbenson cannot under any circumstances mount shares from
the Samba server in the PHS-SC domain, even after giving a user
ID and password. Authentication always fails.

However, when logged in at some other Linux system, I can use
smbclient to access the shares as usual. Samba itself works fine.

I would like to verify that authentication to a trusted domain
simply DOES NOT WORK in Samba v2.2.3a, even with Winbind. I'll
gladly provide my smb.conf and any other info to anyone who wants
to take a look at this.

Otherwise I'll drop it until Samba v3 or whatever.

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