[Samba] IP Binding

Steven Mackenzie sjm at activenavigation.com
Wed Feb 27 09:58:17 GMT 2002

I'm not sure I understand your question or example - is your samba server
reading the shares off, or serving them to it?

Also your interfaces parameter seems odd to me.

I think that interfaces is supposed to refer to a whole network, or can
refer to a single ip number.

Your example doesn't seem to make sense - try
(ie the whole of network with a 24 bit netmask (

If you just want to allow individual IPs to use your server, then don't
specify a mask size (the /24).

See the smb.conf man page for an explanation of what bind interfaces only
does too ...

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Subject: [Samba] IP Binding

> Hi all,
> New to Samba here so please bear with dumb questions.
> I have a server that's currently running SMB shares off of device
> on a private network. It has a second device, that I would like
> add to the device bindings for Samba. I've tried this in the smb.conf file
> but it doesn't seem to work. Here's what I tried:
> workgroup = SOMECOMPANY
>         netbios name = SERVERNAME
>         server string = Servername's Samba Server
>         interfaces =
>         bind interfaces only = Yes
> That's only part of the config and the names and IP addresses have been
> changed. Anyway, this server still only responds to the .1 address and not
> the .2 address at all. I would like to pull traffic off of the .1 address
> because it's saturated and the .2 isn't used at all.
> If anyone has any ideas that would be great! Thanks!
> Paul
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