[Samba] Re: ANY HOPE GETTING RESPONSE TO QUESTIONS? - samba3.0alpha15 - solar is 8

Vance Lankhaar vance at pcsscreston.ca
Wed Feb 27 06:42:36 GMT 2002

First, don't shout when you set the subject. It just looks like spam.

>*	Why does testparm complain about can't find include file?
>	Can't find include file

Something tells me that you have an include line in your conf file in the 
form of 
	include = /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf.%m
which it tries to include, for every machine that accesses your server, and 
of course fails, since there is no smb.conf.<machinename>.

>	Note: If I add the user davidsha in /etc/passwd (i.e.,
>davidsha:x:1019:1000:NT User:/dev/null:/bin/false) and then run smbclient -L
>enterprise -U INS+DavidSha, I get a list of shares?!?  If I remove the
>davidsha entry the smbclient command fails

Do you mean to say that enterprise is a samba server on which you make the 
user, or is it some other machine? (Not too clear what machine is client and 
server). If so, take a look at the non-unix-accounts thingy that abartlet 
wrote. (I'd give more info, but I haven't had time to look at it, so I don't 
really know what's going on with it)

<<log.smbd.txt>>  <<log.winbindd.txt>>  <<log.nmbd.txt>> 
<<log.bti-c2433.txt>>  <<smb.conf>> 

Next time you want to show people lots of big long log files, can you either 
gzip them up, or post a url? My shared 56k line doesn't like it when people 
send big attachments.

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