[Samba] PATCH: Samba/Win2K renaming bug

Greg Freemyer freemyer at NorcrossGroup.com
Tue Feb 26 14:23:13 GMT 2002


Are you sure this is a Samba issue.

I use PowerDesk as a Explorer replacement.

I often have a rename problem when I have the PowerDesk preview feature =

This is true regardless of where the file is.  (ie. Local, Win2000 share, =

   Samba newbie, but coming up to speed.

 >>  > > 3)  Install Morpheus.
 >>  > > 4)  Install WinAmp.
 >>  >=20
 >>  > I need to know *exactly* what these apps are (I don't
 >>  > use either of these apps). Please send me either the
 >>  > exact install binaries for these apps that you've=20
 >>  > installed or tell me where to get them on the net.

 >>  Both are, unsurprising, MP3 things.  I'd recommend starting with just
 >>  WinAmp, which you can download from www.winamp.com.  You can download=20
 >>  Morpheus from www.musiccity.com -- though, hmm, that seems to be down=20
 >>  right now.

 >>  I'll see if we still have the Morpheus installer around (I doubt it), but
 >>  in the meantime I think that WinAmp is the more likely issue.

 >>  -- Flynn

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