[Samba] PATCH: Samba/Win2K renaming bug

Flynn flynn at kodachi.com
Tue Feb 26 13:05:04 GMT 2002

> > 3)  Install Morpheus.
> > 4)  Install WinAmp.
> I need to know *exactly* what these apps are (I don't
> use either of these apps). Please send me either the
> exact install binaries for these apps that you've 
> installed or tell me where to get them on the net.

Both are, unsurprising, MP3 things.  I'd recommend starting with just
WinAmp, which you can download from www.winamp.com.  You can download 
Morpheus from www.musiccity.com -- though, hmm, that seems to be down 
right now.

I'll see if we still have the Morpheus installer around (I doubt it), but
in the meantime I think that WinAmp is the more likely issue.

 -- Flynn

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