[Samba] semaphore timeoit period expired (root is full)

Scarecrow dreamworm at cox.net
Tue Feb 26 09:01:39 GMT 2002

I have had samba running on my freebsd box for about 2 years now, and my / partition is 50MB (it is just a fileserver with ssh and
nothing more).  However, recently (about a month or two ago) it disconnects itself from my LAN with warnings like: semaphore timeout
has expired.  I go to the console on the box and it says that the disk is full (its not, but the root directory is at 101%)  I cannot
for the life of me figure out what is clogging the / dir.  I deleted all mail and .pinerc from /root, and i got rid of the
kernel.GENERIC, and i emptied the var/log dir.  I still need to get rid of 500K.  Anyone know why my / dir is filling up and where i
can get some space?
Is this part of samba or something else?

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