[Samba] Weird problem with 2000 Domain/XP client/Samba fileserver

Per Kristiansen per at gathering.org
Mon Feb 25 21:10:07 GMT 2002

Okay..I'm reasonably sure this is a XP/2000 thing and not directly Sambas 
fault, but I rate my chances of a sane answer a bit higher here than in the
MS newsgroups.

Okay here is the situation.

One windows 2000 PDC
One XP Pro client
One Linux Samba file server.

We've been using Win 2000/Win ME as clients for a while with roaming profiles on 
the windows server and a public share on the Samba file server.
This works just fine for us.

Then I felt I needed to jump the gun a bit on the XP situation (before a user did it:)
So I installed XP on a laptop and started testing..

First it did NOT want to allow me access to the Domain due to the fact that we didn't specify
the "funny names MS DNS stuff" (_msdsc.domain) 
Well I did this and got into the domain, the roaming profile worked..whippy!
BUT (of course) now I was unable to access the Samba server.

Okay...I change the XP machine to a Workgroup setup instead of a domain setup..boing!..
I get access to the Samba shares and the Domain shares when authenticating.

I've been looking at logs for the Samba server and eventlogs on the XP & 2000 server and I'm
not getting anywhere..so I turn to you:)..anyone have any tips ?

PS: If you're wondering why we're running such a setup, it's because we see lots of screwy
configs out in the wild, and running them "in-house" gives us a little edge :)

Per Kristiansen
per at gathering.org

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