[Samba] newbie ?

# sriram # sriram at imsc.ernet.in
Mon Feb 25 20:00:05 GMT 2002

hi all...

am new to samba and this list and i want a couple of my doubts

my questions could be silly...and i wuld be even happy if i am replied off
the list...

1. I am trying to print a file from my mandrake machine using a windows
9X printer connected across the room. The printed page is
haphazard....just one line gets printed.

i issue smbclient //nwm/H

and then smb:\> print a.txt

2. Is is possible to put a set of winNT machines onto a local samba
domain and try to get the logs of what the system is doing

3. Is it possible to print to a unix printer from a win9X/NT machine
.the printer is connected to a sun box .

thanks for ur time


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