[Samba] Questions about a working Samba PDC

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Mon Feb 25 19:02:02 GMT 2002

Best guess from my own recent experience is that XP is expected to be part
of an Active Directory tree.  Type what you know to be the username and a
dialog box will pop up asking to authenticate if your not already logged
into the domain.  You will have to love in as your samba root account using
syntax of domain\username in the user field and whatever your password is in
that field.  Hope that helps.

Barry Johnson

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> Is there anyway to have roaming profiles OFF by default? If I add a user
> a machine, I always have to go and set them to a local profile.
> Is there anyway to do groups? When sharing files or printers, I would
> add a group than each individual user.
> I have one Windows XP Pro client and when I do sharing permissions it
> up with this search interface and it can't find any of the users on the
> Anyone know what's going on with that?
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