[Samba] Problems logging in with MSCLIENT.

Mac dmccann at nibsc.ac.uk
Mon Feb 25 14:06:03 GMT 2002

>From: David Brodbeck <DavidB at mail.interclean.com>
>To: "'samba at samba.org'" <samba at samba.org>
>Subject: [Samba] Problems logging in with MSCLIENT.
>Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 16:18:16 -0500
>I'm running Samba 2.2.3 with winbind for authentication.  Much to my
>surprise, I found I had a need to connect an MS-DOS system to the network.
>I'm using MSCLIENT to do so.  I can successfully log into the domain and map
>drives on Windows NT servers, but I'm having trouble mapping Samba shares.
>Examining the log shows that the DOS machine is apparently trying to connect
>with a username of 'nobody'.  What am I doing wrong?


I've used the MS Client 3.0 on a couple of systems here.  Assuming
that's the version you're using, the first thing to ask is which Redirector
you're using, Basic or Full.

Both work fine with Samba, but the Basic redirector _only_ does encrypted
passwords, even if the server says not to.  The Full redirector behaves
as expected.

Also have you used 'NET LOGON' properly to establish the username on the

My guess is that've got a 'guest ok' share that you're trying to map to
and because one of the above two things is wrong, Samba's trying to
connect you as the guest user (nobody).

And the other lovely 'Gotcha' is a couple of MS Knowledge Base
articles you should be aware of Q128751  and Q142062

And finally, have a look at the DOS client info on Jacco de Leeuw's
pages:- http://huizen.dds.nl/~jacco2/samba/

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