[Samba] ipchains - major newbie trap

George Helmke ghelmke at alfanett.no
Mon Feb 25 11:32:04 GMT 2002

Just a quick word - I spent two days trying to get Samba to work.  The whole
problem was a lack of knowledge about ipchains (firewall).  It was part of
the RH7.1 install package, and the medium security setting stops all tcp and
udp traffic for a lot of ports, including those needed for NetBIOS (137-139)

It is pretty easy to fix, the IPCHAINS-HOWTO is a good and humorous read,
and by the end of it you will know what to do to open up the crucial ports.

I don't know where, and I don't know how, but somewhere in the diagnosis
check lists, this should be mentioned.

Thanks otherwise for a GREAT utility.

George Helmke

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