[Samba] solaris8 vs win2k

jean-michel sarbach padipedipo at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 25 10:46:04 GMT 2002

hi everybody

i try to force my win2k-pc to connect my solaris8-box
over samba2.2.2, 
no chance.
i have VERY VERY VERY POOR knowleges of pc system
administration tasks,
where can i get a detailled howto-file (step-by-step)
to do this ?

on the unix side, i beleave, its working.

on the pc:
first i got error 1240, i klicked i dont remember what
now if i enter: net view \\<myserver>
i get error 5, access denied :-(
how can i create a domain on pc-side ??
can somebody help me ?
thanks, jms

jean-michel sarbach
kalkbreitestrasse 83
ch, 8003 zuerich
padipedipo at yahoo.com

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