[Samba] Question about profiles...

Max TenEyck Woodbury mtew at cds.duke.edu
Mon Feb 25 08:52:04 GMT 2002

Dmitry F Gurevitch wrote:
> How to configure samba server (as PDC) to store user profiles locally on
> the client machines (9x,NTws,2000)?

As I understand it, this is a negative option. You get this behavior if you
do NOT configure roving profiles. Setting up roving profiles requires that
you set some parameters in smb.conf and set up a share to contain them.
Get a copy of 'man smb.conf' and mark the parameters you need to establish
roving profiles and then remove those from you version of smb.conf.

On NT (and 2000?) you may have to go into each machine as administrator
and delete any roving profiles that have been established. At least on
NT, this was another negative option.


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