[Samba] Login Scripts

Dragos Delcea dragos.delcea at farmexim.ro
Mon Feb 25 05:01:08 GMT 2002

you're not the only one (I was having troubles, too). If you are running
linux 2.4 try to put in your global section 'kernel oplocks = no'
and it will go away...


On Sat, 2002-02-23 at 19:24, Bill Clifford wrote:
> I have Samba 2.2.2 server with Win98 2e clients.  Login script = %U.
> Batch files in the netlogon directory with names greater than 8
> characters will not run at login.  Windows gives "Access Denied" error
> and I have to CTRL C to terminate an endless loop of error messages.  If
> I manually map to the netlogon directory after logging in, I can run any
> batch file with 8 character or less name but same "Access Denied" error
> occurs if I try to execute the long name batch files.  I can't believe I
> am the only person with this problem.  How do you get around it?
>             Bill
> William L. Clifford, M.D., CCFP

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