[Samba] Win2K printer settings not remembered

Dave STevenson dave.stevenson at durham.ac.uk
Mon Feb 25 03:44:06 GMT 2002

I've seen a few messages about "default settings" not being remembered
on printers
settings saved on server. This NT4/Win2K difference caught me out. (Red

As a printer administrator or root set the defaults with the Advanced
Tab/Printer Defaults of
printer properties on the server, NOT printing preferences. As (I think
) I understand it, the per user
devicemode will be set from the Printing Defaults initially then from
the Profile. Setting with Printing Preferences under W2K will only set
the Per user prefs for your logon, and if you use a mandatory
profile these will be lost when you log off. Seems to work fine.

I haven't tried yet but I guess setting the per user preferences in the
man profile would do a "belt and braces" job of it.

Taken from  srv_spoolss_nt.c... (2.4pre 21-02-02 dunno about earlier
versions) Thanx to JerryC? & JFM?

> * NT4:
>                  * ---
>                  * On NT4, you only have a global devicemode. This global devicemode can be changed
>                  * by the administrator (or by a user with enough privs). Everytime a user
>                  * wants to print, the devicemode is resetted to the default. In Word, everytime
>                  * you print, the printer's characteristics are always reset to the global devicemode.
>                  *
>                  * NT 2000:
>                  * -------
>                  * In W2K, there is the notion of per-user devicemode. The first time you use
>                  * a printer, a per-user devicemode is build from the global devicemode.
>                  * If you change your per-user devicemode, it is saved in the registry, under the
>                  * H_KEY_CURRENT_KEY sub_tree. So that everytime you print, you have your default
>                  * printer preferences available.
>                  *
>                  * To change the per-user devicemode: it's the "Printing Preferences ..." button
>                  * on the General Tab of the printer properties windows.
>                  *
>                  * To change the global devicemode: it's the "Printing Defaults..." button
>                  * on the Advanced Tab of the printer properties window.
>                  *
>                  * JFM.
>                  */

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