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Daniel Andersson daniel.andersson at
Sun Feb 24 23:56:02 GMT 2002

OK! I'm sorry about this. As I wrote earlier I'm totally lost... but I will
try to
explain the problem in steps bellow, ok.

1. I installed the rpm's for samba, Version 2.0.2a-ssl I think this is the
   distributed with redhat linux 7.0
2. Then I changed the parameters in the /etc/samba/smb.conf file,
   and in this file I added the folowing parameters.

	netbios name = STRIKE
	workgroup = SKV (Domainname on my windows NT 4 domain samba is a
part of)
	server string = Samba server
	security = user
	encrypt passwords = yes

	comment = Temporary
	path = /tmp
	read only = no
	public = yes

3. Put the smbd and nmbd deamons up and running.
4. The computers didn't appear in network browser on my windows NT
5. I looked in the diagnosis.txt and I figured that maybe I can't ping the
   by name so I tried to do that and it didn't work, so I edited the hosts
   on my windows workstation and on the linux server, and when I did this
than the
   linux computer become present on the network browser but with the
computer name
6. I tried to connect to this computer and a error message stated that it is
   conflict, there is already a computer with the name localhost on the
   And this is not true, all other computers thats on my network are
computer with
   names of who is the user of them. All the computers do have loopback
addresses and
   this are stated localhost, but they shouldn't be a problem because the 
   isn't a public address.

This is the steps I've maked, and it doesn't work, for some reason I don´t
think I have done anything that should be of any problem, but it does
acctually get wrong.

I hope this is more specific, what my problem is.

Mvh / Best regards
Daniel Andersson

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Från: Martyn Ranyard [mailto:ranyardm at]
Skickat: den 22 februari 2002 17:36
Till: Daniel Andersson; Joel Hammer
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Ämne: Re: SV: [Samba] Problem regarding installation

You still haven't described your problem :

Your original question seemed to ask what was wrong, when you could see the 

Your latest question is contradicting this and saying that NOW you can see 
the server, but doesn't say what isn't working.

More specific, what are you clicking on, and what doesn't happen that you 
expect to.

At 03:46 PM 2/22/02 +0100, Daniel Andersson wrote:
>The diagnostis.txt file don't seem to solve this problem.
>Now my samba server is now available for browsing, I dont know how I should
>solve this actually I'm totally lost I even tried to erase the rpm file and
>compiled a source file.
>Mvh / Best regards
>Daniel Andersson
>Rådhusgatan 15, S-541 30 SKÖVDE, SWEDEN
>Ph. +46 (0)500-47 10 10
>Fax. +46 (0)500-47 10 11
>Mob: +46 (0)709-22 39 06
>E-mail: mailto:daniel.andersson at
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>Från: Joel Hammer [mailto:Joel at]
>Skickat: den 22 februari 2002 13:47
>Till: Daniel Andersson; samba at
>Ämne: Re: [Samba] Problem regarding installation
>More info is needed.
>What is the problem?
>Have you walked through DIAGNOSIS.txt?
>On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 01:24:14PM +0100, Daniel Andersson wrote:
> > My big problem is to install samba on a redhat linux 7.0 and get this up
> > running... maybe the smb.conf file is invalid but I can se the samba
> > on network browser on my client system, a Windows 2000 workstation...
> > out there able to help me with this problem?
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Martyn Ranyard

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