[Samba] Large Roaming profiles

ACEAlex alex at saers.com
Sun Feb 24 12:16:12 GMT 2002

Uhh, My experiences is that if the users are using the same computer all the
time only the files that are changed are copied? Am i wrong


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> Hi,
> as far as I know it makes no differance what server you are using.
> A windows client will always download the WHOLE profile while
> logging on and likewise copy to WHOLE profile back to the server.
> This isn't anything that could be controled within Samba.  The best
> thing to besides not use Win2k and roaming profiles is to:
> a) MOVE the user's "Computer - personal files" setting to a fixed place
> outside
> of the user's Profile.
> b) MOVE the user's "Temperary Internet Files" to a place outside of the
> Profile.
> this should account for 95% of the junk that gets copied back and forth
> every
> time the user logs on and off.
> Again, I believe that any M$ Client will always copy the WHOLE Profile
> without
> checking timestamps between the two copies.
> my regards,
> Stefan
> >Hi,
> >I have large size Roaming profiles in Win2k and Samba.
> >Samba 2.2.2 is acting as a PDC.
> >
> >Does Win2k load all the files from scratch from the samba server
> >everytime a user log in?
> >Or does Win2k or Samba provides some sort of diff mecanism, so
> >that only modified files are loaded from the Samba server(to speed think
> >up)?
> >
> >Thanks
> >Oliver
> >Oliver Schulze L.
> >oliver at samera.com.py
> >Asuncion-Paraguay
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