[Samba] Multiple Instancies of Samba on a single System

Gunther Hess ghess at elmos.de
Sun Feb 24 05:40:07 GMT 2002

Hi out there,
             i intend to run multiple Instancies of Samba
on a single, multi-homed, server, with each instance bound
to a specific (logical) interface.

If this works, it would be fine to me. 
Mainly for administrative Reasons. (You won't believe, 
but from time to time it becomes necessary to restart
some services, but restarting the entire server is a
real mess)

Well here my questions:

 - Most important: 
   Can anyone out there tell me, that this is definitely impossible?

 - Most helpful: 
   Which settings must appear in the Configuration, to split the
   working-directories? (locks, logs, private-dir and so on)

 - Very interesting:
   Has anyone experience with such a configuration?

Thanks in advance
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Fax:  ++49 +231 7549-109   D-44227 Dortmund
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