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Godfried Duodu gduodu at dot.state.tx.us
Sat Feb 23 13:38:10 GMT 2002

I have installed the binary version of samba-2.2.3a for RH7.2  and checked /etc/services that swat is located there. I have also set up the swat file in xinetd.d. When I tried to use swat with my browser nothing comes up. What am I doing wrong?

>>> Max TenEyck Woodbury <mtew at cds.duke.edu> 02/21/02 17:19 PM >>>
___cliff rayman___ wrote:
> bao wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > My question is off the topic of the group, but I don't know anywhere
> > else to ask.
> ok - put OT: in the subject line so everyone knows.
> >
> >
> > I see there are three kernel packages that I can't distinguish for RH
> > 7.2
> >
> > kernel-2.4.7-10.i386.rpm
> (1) this is the rpm that installs the kernel.
> >
> > kernel-2.4.7-10.src.rpm
> (2) this installs the same kernel , but instead of it already being in a compiled
> form, it is in source form.  the kernel is compiled and then installed.
> >
> > kernel-source-2.4.7-10.rpm
> (3) this is the source code by itself.  if you had already installed
> rpm (1), then needed the source, you could use this rpm.
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Having just gone through a bunch of documentation on this topic, and
actually having used a .src.rpm to good effect, this is not quite 

kernel-2.4.7-10.src.rpm is the package you would use to rebuild the
various binary kernel-2.4.7-10.xxx.rpms. It puts the sources in 
/usr/src/redhat/SOURCE/... which is the work area for the rpm build
suite. If you play with them there, you mess up the rpm build area.
Normally, you do NOT want to drag in the .src.rpms!

kernel-source-2.4.7-10.i386.rpm and kernel-headers-2.4.7-10.i386.rpm
(note the .i386.) are the distributed sources that you can use to
build a custom kernel

NOTE: Red Hat has put out a number of kernel updates. The most recent 
is 2.4.9-21. You can get them from ftp.redhat.com under 
/pub/redhat/linux/updates/7.2/en/os/* or from updates.redhat.com 
/7.2/en/os/*. You may have to update some other packages if you
update your kernel.

If you want to live dangerously, check out /pub/redhat/linux/rawhide
on ftp.redhat.com...

mtew at cds.duke.edu.

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