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Sat Feb 23 11:05:02 GMT 2002

Quit throwing profits in your trash dumpster ! !

Savings average 39% 

Return on investment averages 2 months.

Saving could begin tomorrow.

One time fee of $45.00 

Program objectives:
1.	Work with your current waste vendor
2.	Reduce heavy truck traffic on your property
3.	Reduce unsightly dumpster overflow  
Program includes:
1.	Review current practice
2.	Survey equipment
3.	Site specific program recommendations 

Any company that spends $75.00 per month or more for waste disposal (dumpster) may benefit.

Car washes - Dry Cleaners - Retail Hardware Stores - Motels - Healthcare Clinics - Restaurants - Service Stations - Manufacturing - Distribution Centers - Grocery Stores

Example of savings program:

Ace Hardware Store:
Prior cost	$333.52	
New cost	$182.00 (same amount of service)

Savings	        $151.52  45%

Grocery Store in small market:
Prior cost	$680.00	
New cost	$235.00 (increase in service)

Savings	        $445.00  65%

Larger and more complex programs available

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