[Samba] [answer]Win2k share with accent + smbmount

Sebastien Chaumat Sebastien.Chaumat at ens-lyon.fr
Sat Feb 23 09:22:08 GMT 2002


 Many people seems to experience the folowing problem :
 Since samba 2.2.3, on some system, one couldn't see accents in win2k share
 with smbmount but they can see them with smbclient.
 After a bit of work here's a working solution in the case of a french
environment (checked on Debian testing): 
 1. use smbmount >= 2.2.3
 2. your kernel must be compiled with:


 It seems that if there's no NLS_DEFAULT smbmount is unable to do the
correct codepage->NLS translation even if playing with  the "iocharset" and
"codepage" options on the commandline.

 sbmclient (2.2.3) works well without CONFIG_SMB_NLS_DEFAULT and  CONFIG_SMB_NLS_REMOTE
nor it needs the CONFIG_NLS_DEFAULT="iso8859-1" ("cp437" works!).

 I hope this can help.

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