[Samba] I would like to contribute some automation scripts.

Bill Schaub talon at hancock.k12.mo.us
Fri Feb 22 13:53:05 GMT 2002

I have some scripts and tools that i have packages up with some documentation
that i would like to contribute to the project. They are based on the
ntuser_import-1.0.1.tar.gz package in the contributed directory on your FTP

Basicly its a workaround for syncing unix user id's with an NT domain
controller with a samba domain member server that is running on an OS that does
not support winbind yet (Such as OpenBSD or any other system that doesnt have

You can find the package at ftp://hancock.k12.mo.us/pub/OpenBSD/sync-1.0.tar.gz

I hope this was the propper place to ask about this since i didnt really see
much info on your site about the propper way to submit utility's like this.

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