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Blanchard, Michael MBlanchard at grandaire.com
Fri Feb 22 07:10:14 GMT 2002

Type "man samba"


Sorry, I work helpdesk and network administration so of course I'm
hostile and bitter.

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Hi everybody!

This will be this first time i'll configure Samba :-)

I want to configure Samba as a PDC in my environment.

The machine that will run as server is a Standard Mandrake 8.1
installation (sub-net ip 10.2.xxx.xxx) that will athenticate only WIN 
98/NT/2k machines, mount network discs, etc... 

I read many documentions on Samba... but its a little obscure for me... 

I'll use Samba 2.2.3a thats already compiled and installed.

Can any one tell me where to start configurating!

Any help is welcome.

Francisco Fialho 

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