[Samba] Problems with large trusted domains?

Thomas, Daniel J. Daniel.Thomas at jhuapl.edu
Fri Feb 22 06:09:26 GMT 2002

I've got Winbind running (or so I think) on my Solaris 8 server using Samba
2.2.3a.  Whenever I do a long directory listing on a directory that contains
a file placed via the samba share by an NT user on the trusted domain, the
SUN box just hangs there.  It acts like it is searching the database, but
after three or four minutes I just CRTL + C it.  Do you think this is
winbind not working correctly, or is it because it is polling a trusted
domain with anywhere between 1000 and 3000 user accounts?  My Samba box is a
domain member of an NT 4 domain (departmental domain) which has a two way
trust relationship with a second NT domain for the company.

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