[Samba] Poor performance.

Anders Widman andewid at tnonline.net
Fri Feb 22 04:43:07 GMT 2002

Well, This is on a switched network and it is tested with no other

FTP transfers are steady at about 10-12MB/s. Is really the SMB
overhead 50% of the packet-size?

Oh. smbd is using about 15% CPU acording to TOP. There is about 70%
idle too.


> Anders Widman wrote:
>> How can I incresase the performance of Samba.
>> The average throughput is about 4-6MB/s for copying large files.
>> Running applications directly off a Samba share is even slower.

> poor? what kind of network are you running on, gigabit fibre?
> I'd guess on 100mbit ether 6meg/s is quite good, that's about 48mbit =
> 50% of capacity... given some overhead and some other people using the
> same network, that's really quite good.

> bye
>         MH

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