[Samba] Re: Bug in LDAP code for smbpasswd and pdbedit?

Miroslav Zubcic mvz at crol.net
Fri Feb 22 03:57:04 GMT 2002

"Marshall, Joshua" <MarshallJ at switch.aust.com> writes:

> I too came across this bug when getting my system up and running with 
> 2.2.3-prerelease. I fixed it by writing a patch, which I have sent to the 
> developers but they didn't merge it in for 2.2.3

Hmm... why? It looks clean.

> By default, all referrals are done unauthenticated. It is up to the client 
> software to decide whether to authenticate when rebinding to another ldap 
> server. In the case of a master/slave ldap servers, I believe it should 
> authenticate when rebinding.

> Anyway, apply the attached patch to pdb_ldap.c and recompile :)

Thanks. Didn't recompiled yet, but as I see this should work. Well,
let's fire up gcc. ;-)

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