[Samba] uninstall of Samba

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Thu Feb 21 16:32:06 GMT 2002

I don't use mandrake, but....

How did you install samba? From rpm's? If so, just remove the rpm's with
rpm -e . Use rpm -qa | less to see what you have installed.  If you
didn't use rpm's, you might have more work, tracking down where the
binaries and data files are kept.

Why do you want to uninstall? If you don't want to use it, just don't start
it up.


On Thu, Feb 21, 2002 at 11:10:25AM -0300, Francisco Oliveira Fialho wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Is it possible to uninstall SAMBA from 
> my machine?! ( Mandrake 8.1)
> Is their any uninstall feature I've missed?
> How can I do it?

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