[Samba] Re: Bug in LDAP code for smbpasswd and pdbedit?

Miroslav Zubcic mvz at crol.net
Thu Feb 21 11:45:02 GMT 2002

[ replying to myself ... ]

Miroslav Zubcic <mvz at crol.net> writes:

> But when I try to change password or add sambaAccount with
> smbpasswd(8) or pdbedit(8) i get this:
> Feb 21 17:29:05 click.crol.net slapd[20149]:
> daemon: conn=36 fd=25 connection from IP= (IP= accepted.  
> Feb 21 17:29:05 click.crol.net slapd[20970]:
> conn=36 op=0 BIND dn="" method=128  
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Bug located closely:

My configuration was this:

ldap server = crol4.crol.net click.crol.net

crol4 is slave LDAP server, and click is master. So slave was first in
configuration line. smbpassword(8) then get updateref from slave to
contact master server for changes, he did that but in the meantime
"forgot" his bindDN, and bind to master like anonymous.

BTW, two servers are in "ldap server" line because things will work if
first one is down, second will be contacted, like ldap_open(3) says.

If I remove slave server from smb.conf(5) everything is OK. But this
is still a bug - probably in source/passdb/pdb_ldap.c ?

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