[Samba] RH 7.1 and Ctrl+Alt+Del [off topic]

Homann, Mathias Mathias.Homann at airbus.dasa.de
Thu Feb 21 06:32:04 GMT 2002

Szymon Polok wrote:
> I know this isn't samba problem, but I hope that You'll understand.
> I have RH 7.1 installed (Kernel 2.4.2-2) and I have strange, funny but
> really dangerous problem. In every moment (even when there is login screen)
> in text mode when I press Ctrl+Alt+Del my machine simply shuts down.
> Is there any fix for this?

sure, look in /etc/inittab for the line ctrl-alt-del (or the like,
without the dashes). There you could put one of shutdown, reboot or


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