[Samba] CIFS Session transfer

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Thanks for your response.


The MSDFS works on the DIRECTORY level. i.e. even before it establishes the
CIFS session, it identifies the correct CIFS server. If the server1 finds
that the directory is not there, it returns an error and the client finds
out where the directory is located from server1. 

My problem is the directory is located in CIFS server1 and the client
connects to it. But the file the client is going to open from that directory
is moved to another server CIFS Server 2 for some reason. Also the CIFS
server1 fakes the clients that the file is still in CIFS server1.  How to
resolve this? 

level and  I want the redirection to work at FILE level. 


I do not want  the CIFS Server1 to get the data from CIFS Server2 and server
the client. In this case there will be a big performance hit for large files
because of the two hops from Server2 to Server1 and from Server1 to client.
Also the file is moved to Server2 from Server1 to make the access faster. If
we are going to have two hops the whole purpose of moving file from server1
to server 2 is defeated.


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If you don't want to use DFS you could use NFS.  Samba server2 exports it,
Samba server1 mounts it, samba shares it, voila transparent to the end user

Barry Johnson

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> "Sivaselvam, CN" wrote:
> >
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I would like to know if this is possible and if possible what is the
> > complexity.
> >
> > Consider a CIFS client, SAMBA Server1 and Samba Server2.
> >
> > Say a session is established between a CIFS client and SAMBA server1. Is
> > possible for the SAMBA server1 to transfer/redirect/reestablish the
> > connection to SAMBA server2 without the CIFS client knowing about this?
> > session between the CIFS client and SAMBA Server1 should be closed and a
> > session between CIFS client and SAMBA server2 should be opened both
> > transparent to the CIFS client.
> Look into MSDFS, which sends back a special error code to indicate 'this
> directory not on this server', the client then asks for the real server
> and tranparently reconnects.
> Andrew Bartlett
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