[Samba] Windows 2000 Pro file access problem

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Wed Feb 20 20:39:07 GMT 2002

I need help.

I have a fresh install of Redhat 7.2 that has never had redhat's version 
of samba installed. I installed 2.2.3a from rpm straight from samba.org. 
I have most things under control, but i have one VERY big problem. I 
have 1 win 2000 pro machine that is having issues accessing files. 
Everytime he tries to access a file, it says it is already open and asks 
if he wants to open a copy instead, Unless he opens word first, and then 
opens the file.

I have noticed in swat that the machine in question is actually 
connected to IPC$ as nobody and as ed (the users name). I am assuming 
that the problem is in here somewhere. I have kernel oplocks disabled 
globally, and i have disabled oplocks and level2 oplocks on each of the 
shares in question. I also do not notice this behavior on anything 
(win95 and winME) other than the win 2000 pro box.

I have also checked for guest account stuff with testparm... and every 
mention says guest is disabled, but that guest user is nobody.

If any further information is needed, just let me know and i will 
happily attach it.

Eric Anderson
System/Security Administrator
21st Century Electronics

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