[Samba] Duplicated computer names (how to?)

Jonathan Greenberg jonathangreenberg at telocity.com
Wed Feb 20 19:17:02 GMT 2002

I have a weird setup, I was hoping someone could help:

I have Samba running on MacOS X.  I often work on a PC laptop which,
when I am in my office, is plugged via ethernet to my linksys
wireless/4-port router, but sometimes I get bored sitting there so I
unplug the ethernet jack and go downstairs -- at which point, whereas my
internet connection remains working fine over the wireless card, the
connection to the samba server gets disconnected and does not reconnect
via the wireless.  Is there some way to configure the server or my
laptop (windows xp) so I can easily reconnect without having to reboot
the computer?


Jonathan Greenberg
Graduate Group in Ecology, U.C. Davis
AIM: jgrn307

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