OT: [Samba] Kernel package

___cliff rayman___ cliff at genwax.com
Wed Feb 20 14:11:48 GMT 2002

bao wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> My question is off the topic of the group, but I don't know anywhere
> else to ask.

ok - put OT: in the subject line so everyone knows.

> I see there are three kernel packages that I can't distinguish for RH
> 7.2
> kernel-2.4.7-10.i386.rpm

(1) this is the rpm that installs the kernel.

> kernel-2.4.7-10.src.rpm

(2) this installs the same kernel , but instead of it already being in a compiled
form, it is in source form.  the kernel is compiled and then installed.

> kernel-source-2.4.7-10.rpm

(3) this is the source code by itself.  if you had already installed
rpm (1), then needed the source, you could use this rpm.

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