[Samba] aliases not working!!

John Dalton jldalton at lucent.com
Wed Feb 20 14:02:05 GMT 2002

Can someone tell me what has to happen to get
the aliases working in samba? 

Below is an earlier posting.


Does anyone have aliases working correctly?

Suppose I am moving the samba to one server to another, say VIPER 
> to JOKER.
> In smb.conf I change the 'netbios name = VIPER' to JOKER
> and I also want the old name to be seen as well. To do this
> I create a netbios aliases = VIPER.
> I then stop and start samba, but the aliases is not working.
> Is this because the IP address of VIPER is still on the old
> server and being used?
> Does the aliases name have to be a valid system name or can it
> be any made up name? I did this as a made up name and it did not work.
> Thanks
> -

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