[Samba] Problem with smbmount and Windows XP

James F'jord Lynn jl-samba at lynnsoft.2y.net
Wed Feb 20 13:09:06 GMT 2002

> Kernel version?


> Sounds like smbfs fails to close the file between runs. 2.2.17 or so had a
> bug that it tried to open O_RDONLY as readonly ...

I should have also said that I had been using this configuration
successfully to mount shares when the machine was Window ME. I installed
Windows XP professional. I can also connect to a windows 95 machine and a
windows 2000 machine with no problems.

Another thing is that I have tried this with no password and with the
administrator username/password and I get the same effect.

> > Do I need to go to 2.2.3? Has anyone else seen this problem?
> The samba version is most likely irrelevant.

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