[Samba] Win2000: Printer Settings only with Manage Printer perm.?

Peter Griessl griessl at ihs.ac.at
Wed Feb 20 10:33:05 GMT 2002

Hi all,

just found an old (Oct 9) posting "Print Driver Settings" from Michael 
Devogelaere regarding installing/using extra trays and duplex units using

We are using Samba 2.2.3a and HP and Tektronix printer drivers and
experience the same difficulties - users cannot select/use the duplex
unit without having "Manage Printer" permissions. Exactly as M.D. wrote:
"That way, everybody gets the correct seetings but can also modify them.
If we allow only 'Print-access' to everybody, they cannot read any setting 
at all." - and are forced to use the printer drivers default settings
(no duplex unit etc.).

Did anyone find any solution to this problem???

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Griessl (griessl at ihs.ac.at)

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