[Samba] Unable to get getent to import users and groups

Daniel J. Charboneau dcharb at xceligent.com
Wed Feb 20 09:47:04 GMT 2002

I have tried with Freebsd 4.5, and with Redhat 7.2 to have a Samba
2.2.3a server to work as a member server.  I have no problem getting the
server to join the domain, or using wbinfo -u and -g to enumerate the
users and groups.
However when I run getent passwd or getent group all I see are my local
Redhat or Freebsd Groups.
I have compiled samba 2.2.3a from source with the -with-winbind
-with-acl-support -with-pam
Does anyone have ideas?  Or a really good how-to on setting up samba as
a member server, and using winbind.
Thanks in advance for anyone's help,
Daniel Charboneau
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