[Samba] Trusted domains

Juer.Lee Juer.Lee at raidtec.ie
Wed Feb 20 08:12:05 GMT 2002

Hello, All,

Recently I met a new problem, maybe I know the answer already, but it is 
a good idea to confirm it on samba group. :)
As I know there is a new features from samba version 2.0.4, 'allow 
trusted domains', I am using the default value 'yes'. And I know what 
exactly it means, but my question is:
If I run 'wbinfo -u', can I get all the users of all trusted domains? 
For example, my samba server SMB_SRV is a member of the domain DOMAIN1, 
and DOMAIN2 is trusted by DOMAIN1, can I get the user list on PDC of 
DOMAIN2? Or it simply means that SMB_SRV allow users of DOMAIN2 to 
access it without having been defined in the PDC of DOMAIN1? Actually I 
care whether I can get the user list using 'wbinfo -u' on PDC of DOMAIN2 :)

Thanks in advance.

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