[Samba] samba-2.2.3a bug, including fix

Mark Wheadon M.C.Wheadon at ukc.ac.uk
Wed Feb 20 04:19:04 GMT 2002

Hi - here's how to reproduce the problem.

	umask 22
	mkdir foo
	chmod 311 foo
	mkdir foo/baz
	echo hello > foo/baz/test.txt

then type the path to test.txt into Windows explorer (for example) -
can't browse to it as foo isn't readable, but you can get there by
typing the path as there's search permission. It works, but generates:

[2002/02/20 09:49:47, 0] smbd/vfs.c:vfs_GetWd(794)
  vfs_GetWd: vfs_getwd call failed, errno Permission denied

in the samba log file.  Note that a pwd in the UNIX world in the above
directory (foo/baz) succeeds (as search permission is enough), but
vfs_GetWd() fails.

Our setup here generates truck-loads of these error messages.

My fix is to do the vfs_GetWd() after becoming root rather than before
in oplock.c (i.e. swap two lines in oplock.c).



Here's a patch for 2.2.3a (generated with diff -u):

--- samba-2.2.3a/source/smbd/oplock.c.orig      Wed Feb 20 09:56:47 2002
+++ samba-2.2.3a/source/smbd/oplock.c   Wed Feb 20 09:58:48 2002
@@ -730,8 +730,8 @@
        saved_user_conn = current_user.conn;
        saved_vuid = current_user.vuid;
        saved_fsp_conn = fsp->conn;
-       vfs_GetWd(saved_fsp_conn,saved_dir);
+       vfs_GetWd(saved_fsp_conn,saved_dir);
        /* Save the chain fnum. */

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