[Samba] How do I remove printer drivers from print$

Ben Tullis ben.tullis at infomatrix.com
Wed Feb 20 01:45:04 GMT 2002

I have done a foolish thing and I would like help undoing it!

I have managed to add drivers for all of the printers on my Samba server,
using the "Add printer driver wizard."

They are in print$ (/usr/local/samba/printers/W32X86)

The ones for my Win95 and 98 clients are in /usr/local/samba/printers/WIN40
but they are Wrong!

I cannot use the "Server Properties" tab in the printers folder using a
Win2k client to delete the drivers.  The remove button is greyed-out.

I am at my wits end.

Thanks all.

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