[Samba] speed problems

Andre Klocke andre.klocke at stb-datenservice.de
Wed Feb 20 00:28:15 GMT 2002

Well, i asked this question some weeks ago but did not receive an answer.

So, here is a more detailed description:
We run samba servers as PDC in network useing win95/98/2000 as clients. All
works fine. The server is a file and printserver, so there is not much to do
for it.

there are dos-programs on the server running on the clients (starting
start.exe which is on the server). These Programms were stored on a Novell
server, before we changed to Linux. Now, these Programs make all the data
handling, but sometimes they stop processing for about 30 - 60 seconds.
In this time all other clients work in normal speed, just this one client is
hanging. The problem is not on only one client, so you could say: change it
and everything is all right. No one time it is client a, another time it is
client b, and so on.

Does anybody know this Problem? Is there a sollution?
The Server Hardware is MIN:
PIII 933
36GB SCSI HD (RAID 1 - 5)
Kernel 2.2.18 (samba 2.2.1a) or 2.4.14 (samba 2.2.2)

Thanks for your help,


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