[Samba] Problem with smbmount and Windows XP

James F'jord Lynn jl-samba at lynnsoft.2y.net
Tue Feb 19 18:47:04 GMT 2002

My apologies if this has been brought up before. I've searched the archives
of the mailing list and haven't seen a reference to this problem.

I'm using 2.2.2-12 on Debian to smbmount a Windows XP share. It behaves kind
of funky though. I can lis thte files. I can sometimes create files. I can
sometimes edit files. But sometimes it will say "Permission denied".

The really weire thing is that it seems like every other time I try to edit
file it happens. So I open vi, I make changes, I get "Permission denied". I
close vi. I open it again on the same file, make the same changes, save and
quit, and it works. Then the next time I open the file with vi, it will give
me "Permission denied". (Note, if I make changes, save, make more changes,
save it will save fine. It's only closing vi and starting it that switches
whether or not it works).

Do I need to go to 2.2.3? Has anyone else seen this problem?


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